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Imageway hosting services can provide your business or household with website and email storage with 99.9% uptime reliability, so that your data is available on the Internet when you or your consumers need it. Imageway website hosting services allow you to advertise your small or medium sized business world wide, on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis. There is no cheaper way to advertise your small or medium sized business to such a large audience then hosting a web page on the Internet. If you need to modify or create a new website, please check out our web design page for more information about those services we offer. Imageway mail hosting services can provide your small or medium sized business with your own custom email addresses. This is a requirement for any business to communicate globally in a quick and professional manner.

The Professional Hosting plan is intended for any sized business to host any type of website, including fully a dynamic website such as a E-commerce website, or a Content Management System (CMS). This package includes large storage sizes, web programming language support, 10 mailing lists, and 10 databases. In addition it includes SSL support to protect certain sections of your website, and access to our advanced web statistics system. This package gives you the ability to synchronize email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes to your desktop or mobile devices. This is our most complete package for any small or medium sized business. The full details of the package are as follows:[fancy_box]

Monthly (Paid Monthly) $21.95
Semi-Annually (Paid every 6 months) $131.70
Yearly (Paid once a year) $263.40
Shared Disk Space (10 GB Website/100 GB Email/5 GB Files) 115 GB total
Data Transfer * Unlimited *
Domain Names Unlimited
Sub-Domain Names Unlimited
CGI-BIN (Perl, Python) Support Yes
PHP Optimized Support Yes
Ruby Optimized Support Yes
Classic ASP Optimized Support Yes
MySQL databases Unlimited
E-mail Accounts Unlimited
E-mail Forwarding Unlimited
E-mail Autoresponders Unlimited
E-mail Aliases Unlimited
Web Calendar System Yes
Blogging System Yes
Mailing Lists Unlimited
SSL Secure Server Yes
FTP Access Yes
Advanced Web Statistics Yes
Exchange/Outlook Support Yes *
E-mail legal archiving (7 years for all e-mail) Yes
Business Mobile Office Yes
Subversion revision control system Yes
Buy Web Hosting Online[If you need to add more disk space, the cost is $1 per month for 4 GB extra storage][/fancy_box]

If you’re currently hosting your website and email somewhere else and want to utilize our hosting services, we can help migrate your website and email from another service provider to our systems for FREE! You will not have to worry about loosing any of your previous websites files or emails plus there will be no downtime during the switch over if you keep the other hosting service active during the migration period. This allows for a seamless transition as long as we are given the required access to make the migration possible.

Imageway differentiates itself from other website and email hosting companies because of the following qualities:

Imageway Digital Media has setup and operates our own web and email hosting servers, which allows for flexibility and quick server system changes. Our primary servers are located in geographically separated data centers that are built for co-location of computer servers (which includes redundant power, cooling, fire protection, etc.). Most hosting companies both large and small only use a single data center for redundancy of their services, rather then geographically separated systems that are synchronized in real time. Having our systems geographically separated allows us to provide at a minimum 99.9% uptime to all our customers, even if a whole data center goes offline. Imageway uses high-end computers and disk arrays along with Unix operating systems for the hosting of our websites. We do not use cheap PC server components or problem prone operating systems like Windows. Lastly we only use the most proven and reliable software for our service offerings based on our over 15 years of specialized knowledge.

When choosing the software for our services, not only did we pick the most reliable, but we also choose what we felt was the most optimized. Optimized software provides additional speed when it comes to accessing your website or email. This is important because most people using a web browser expect instant results, and if you are using a hosting service that overloads their less then optimized setup, then your whole experience will be downgraded. In addition, the faster your website loads, the higher it will show up in search engine results. We have went out of our way to optimize our web server environment using custom compiled programming engines utilizing special caches along with a highly optimized database. This means your CMS based website such as WordPress will run faster on our server then might be expected with lesser quality services.

Security is becoming a major concern as more companies are hacked into and exposed. It is a tough balance because you want good strong security, but if you lock things down too much then you are limited in functionality. Due to our over 15 years of working with web system environments, we have created what we feel is the best balance between providing advanced security, but at the same time giving you advanced functionality you require. The software we utilize for our core web and email services has built-in security checks that look for suspicious activity. In addition we run scanners for malicious website files or activities and try to remove SPAM or viruses before it hits your INBOX.  Of course it is still important that customers keep their website software up to date, since not all attacks can be stopped from the server side. Lastly we offer SSL encrypted sessions for all the service standards we support.

Imageway takes privacy seriously.  Since we setup and operate our own systems, none of your data is running on or shared with 3rd parties. We will only release data to a 3rd party as is required by law. Our hosting servers are located within the local geographic area, and not spread all across the world. In addition, by using the security methods mentioned above, we try to assure your data is hardened against illegal hacking attempts.

[fancy_header]Open Standards[/fancy_header]
We believe in the use of open standards when it comes to offering our services. Most people don’t realize before it is too late that getting stuck on proprietary services will lock you into their service, and making a move a real headache. For accessing your website we offer HTTP(s) and FTP(s), plus PHP, Ruby, Perl, and Classic ASP for website development. When it comes to dealing with Email, we offer SMTP(s), IMAP(s), and POP3(s). Lastly, for our Professional Hosting package customers we offer ActiveSync(s), CalDAV(s), CardDAV(s), SyncML(s), and WebDAV(s). In fact, we offer support for just about every open standard of communication to both web and email systems. This assures our web and email services will work with the largest range of devices, and offer you the ability to move to or from our services from other services that support these open standards. If you use other proprietary methods like using MAPI with an Exchange email server, you then become locked into that specific Exchange software environment. The use of open standards is the best environment for having true ownership and control of your data.

[fancy_header]CMS Support[/fancy_header]
Since we have been in the web and email services area for over 15 years, we have had the time to work with many types of CMS based systems. This has allowed us to learn how to optimize them for speed and security. You will find we are very knowledgeable with popular CMS software such as WordPress, CMS Made Simple, Concrete5, Joomla, Drupal, Zencart, Prestashop, and Sunshop.

[fancy_header]Business Ease of Use[/fancy_header]
Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage all the services that are involved in website and email hosting. Instead of providing a complex administrator panel such as cPanel or Plesk for all your website and email site functions, we only provide the core administration functions a user should be worried about. All other advanced settings will be handled by our experienced support staff. This takes the load off our customer needing to know all the complicated terms involved in a control panel or needing to hire someone to understand it for them.

[fancy_header]Shared Pooled Storage[/fancy_header]
Instead of offering storage limits on a per account basis like many other large hosting companies do, we offer a storage size that can be shared between many different users and functions.  Using pooled storage, you can get a better bang for the buck. Why don’t we offer unlimited storage? Don’t be fooled by the “unlimited” advertising that is popular from many of today’s large web hosting companies. Many large web hosting resellers say they offer “UNLIMITED” resources for your site, but if you read their carefully hidden usage policy pages you will learn they have limits on using their resources too quickly (such as space growth, max emails in an hour, max accounts you can create in a given time, or using too much of their CPU, etc.). The large hosting companies need to enforce such limits because they host such large amount of websites on a single server and therefore must restrict resources so their servers do not become overloaded. Usually the term “unlimited” is a marketing term to trick customers into using their service thinking they get more, where in reality they get restricted much more in other areas of service.

[fancy_box]Price comparison for similar email collaboration services (as of 10/15/2013):

Google: $10 a month per email account (includes legal archiving). Example cost for 10 employee emails is $100 a month. Each email account gets 30 GB of storage.

Office 365: $20 a month per email account (includes legal archiving). Example cost for 10 employee emails is $200 a month. Each email account gets 50 GB of storage.

Imageway: $21.95 a month for unlimited email accounts (includes legal archiving). Example cost for 10 employee emails is $21.95 a month. All email accounts share from a 100GB pool.[/fancy_box]

What really sets the Professional Hosting package apart from our Starter Hosting package is that it includes access to our Advanced Business Mobile Office system. The Mobile Office system is a website based system that supports: E-mail, Calendar, Tasks, Address book, Files, Notes, Projects, Tickets, Billing, Bookmarks, and Time tracking. This is a complete Mobile Office collaboration based web system, and is only available to Professional Hosting account customers. The Mobile Office web interface divides the different work flow functions into tabs that can be added and removed from the main display. The administrator can restrict what tabs the users have access to.

Some of the featured tabs in the Mobile Office web page interface include the following (click any image to see an enlarged view):

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Summary Tab[/fancy_header]
The Summary Tab is usually the first tab you are exposed to. It provides a workspace where you can add panels. The panels can provide you a quick overall glimpse of information. Information such as upcoming tasks, upcoming appointments, notes, and lastly news which is linked to any Internet RSS feed.

Summary Tab Summary Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: E-mail Tab[/fancy_header]
The E-mail Tab provides you direct access to your email. From this tab you can read your current email, or compose new e-mail to be sent. It supports creating folders, and dragging e-mail into these folders. The interface was designed to be very clean and easy to use plus extremely quick, even when you have thousands of e-mails.

E-mail Tab E-mail Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Calendar Tab[/fancy_header]
The Calendar Tab allows you to view and create calendar events. The calendar allows you to set recurring events and reminders for any given event. It is easy to set up multiple calendars and share them between multiple users. You also have the ability to invite participants for an event, and check their availability. The calendar supports import and export of popular calendar formats, and you can even synchronize your calendar to your mobile devices using SyncML, ActiveSync, or CalDAV synchronization technologies.

Calendar Tab Calendar Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Tasks Tab[/fancy_header]
The Tasks Tab is where you keep track of all the tasks that need completing, or have been completed. You have the ability to set recurring tasks and reminders for any task. Tasks can be assigned and shared between multiple users. Tasks can be linked to various other objects such as files, contacts, companies, and projects. Tasks can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the SyncML synchronization technology.

Tasks Tab Tasks Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Address Book Tab[/fancy_header]
The Address Book Tab is where you keep track of all your contacts and companies. You can create multiple address books if you want to separate between work and personal contacts. You can set all different types of information for a contact, and link a contact to various object such as a file. Newsletters can be setup and sent to your selected contacts. An address book can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the SyncML or ActiveSync synchronization technologies.

Address book Tab Address book Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Files Tab[/fancy_header]
The Files Tab provides a place where you can store files such as a document or spreadsheet. These files can be shared between multiple users within your work group. File can be linked to various objects, such as a task or an appointment. In addition, you have the ability to use your own Office software (we suggest the free Apache OpenOffice) to open and edit a document directly from the files tab, and when you save your file, the updated file is automatically sent to our server. You can access your file store remotely on a desktop or mobile device using the WebDAV communication protocol.

Files Tab Files Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Notes Tab[/fancy_header]
The notes tab is where you keep a list of various notes. You can create multiple notebooks, which can be shared between multiple users in your work group. Notes can be linked to various object, such as a task or an appointment. A notebook can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the SyncML synchronization technology.

Notes Tab Notes Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Projects Tab[/fancy_header]
The Projects Tab is where you keep a list of various projects. You can easily manage project information in one place and keep track of worked hours, material usage and travel costs. You can also share projects with customers and co-workers. At the project information panel you can easily access related comments, tasks, appointments, files etc. Projects can be linked to various objects, such files, contacts, and e-mails.

Projects Tab Projects Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Tickets Tab[/fancy_header]
The Tickets Tab is where you keep a list of support tickets. Tickets can be created for a customer, and a ticket number is automatically e-mail to them for reference. You can keep notes about a ticket, and change the status. Tickets can be linked to various objects such as a contact, file, or company.

Tickets Tab Tickets Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Billing Tab[/fancy_header]
The Billing Tab is where you keep track of all your billing information. You can create quotes, orders, and invoices, The documents can either be printed or you can send them by e-mail as a PDF attachment. You can also enter your expenses. With the report tool you can easily see your income and expenses. You can create as many books as you want and name them however you want.

Billing Tab Billing Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Bookmarks Tab[/fancy_header]
The Bookmarks Tab is where you keep track of the commonly visited website you use to function. These bookmarks can open in a new web browser window, or within a new tab. Included as default bookmarks are the commonly used 3rd party Internet VOIP phone services we utilize. You can access your phone service interface directly within a new tab.

Bookmarks Tab Bookmarks Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Call Log Tab[/fancy_header]
The Call Log Tab provides a place to keep track of incoming phone calls. You can a new entry and provide the date, name, company, phone, email, and a description of the call.

Call Log Tab Call Log Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Time Tracking Tab[/fancy_header]
The Time Tracking Tab allows you to keep track of time for various projects. This information is obtained from the various projects you have setup. You have the ability to close out weeks, and copy a previous week’s hours.

Time Tracking Tab Time Tracking Tab

[fancy_header]Mobile Office Web GUI: Approve Time Registration Tab[/fancy_header]
The Approve Time Registration Tab allows you approve time spent on various projects. It shows you the fee and totals involved for that time.

Approve time registration Tab Approve time registration Tab

The Mobile Office service is a must have for any business that wants an efficient business collaboration system. Contact us today if you are interested in our Mobile Office service and are ready to get started, or have additional questions.

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