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Founded in 2000, over the years we have gained vast experience in the services we offer. We have continually tweaked and refined our services to provide our customers with what we feel is the best experience possible

We are dedicated to providing the best support services possible for our clients.

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Imageway’s founders got their start before the Internet existed.  The first online service we offered was a Commodore 64 (later Amiga) BBS by the name of Future Frontier back in 1991 and located in Riverside California. We actually use the same BBS phone number we had back in 1991, except for the area code changes that were forced upon us in the past. Instead of a 2400 baud modem answering, you will now be greeted by our professional Imageway VOIP internet phone service. Future Frontier BBS closed in 1998 with the rise of the Internet and the web browser.

In 2000 our past passion of running a BBS was reincarnated into Imageway with the goal of providing the best Internet web and email hosting services possible. To this day we enjoy offering the best online services available, and continue to work on improving and fine tuning our service offerings. With over 20 years experience in the computer services field, we have been around longer then most Internet businesses operating today.

The Imageway Digital Media you see today is a full service design studio that is committed to creative excellence in the areas of web design, graphic design, website hostingemail  hosting, and computer consulting. It is our goal to provide quality web development services to business within the Inland Empire (San Bernardino and Riverside Counties) and Orange County. Our business driven interpersonal approach separates us from the typical web development companies. For over 15 years, we have built a reputation of creating an unparalleled return on investment for our clients.

Our approach is unique compared to other graphic and web design firms. We pride ourselves in creating a close relationship with our customers. Since we serve the local area, we can meet with our customers in person. During such meetings we can walk you through the whole web design process so you can figure out exactly the content you want to put on your website. These meetings allow us to work with our customers to understand their business, offer a solution that meets their needs, and find a solution that falls within their budget. We make sure every customer is happy with the final design and functionality of their website. We are there from the start of the project, until completion.

In addition, we are able to offer specialized hosting solutions since we own and operate all of our hosting servers. We do not resell hosting solutions like many other small web design firms. This allows us to secure and configure our systems exactly to our customers’ needs. Imageway utilizes open standards as much as possible, therefore our customers are not locked into a proprietary system. Many other hosting companies tend to lock you into their services by using proprietary software and connection methods. Our goal is to provide you with a stable, secure, and feature rich hosting experience.

Consulting services play a large role in our business as well. We currently offer consulting in the areas of: Internet Business Phones (VOIP), Small Business Networking, Computer Operating Systems, Computer Virtualization, and remote desktop computer support. We have employees that have certifications in VMware virtualization, IBM AIX operating system, and Sun/Oracle Solaris operating system. We have worked with organizations large and small to provide them with IT consulting in all areas of computing technologies.

All of our specialized services include unparalleled customer service. Our entire staff is highly experienced in all the service areas we provide, and our customers have direct access to these employees.

Experience the Imageway difference today!

Below are screenshots of the original Future Frontier BBS (1998) and click below to connect and test out the old BBS

  • Message Area

    This was the main menu for the Message Area. This included local message boards, and the worldwide FidoNet message baords.futurefrontierbbs6

  • Local Message Area

    The local message area contained messages that were sent from users that connected over a phone line using a modem.futurefrontierbbs5

  • Main Menu

    Using a question mark at a prompt would bring up this beautiful color ANSI menu with all the available BBS commands.futurefrontierbbs4

  • FileBone File Area

    The FidoNet was used to transfer messages between computers, while the FileBone accomplished the same thing with files.futurefrontierbbs2

  • Local File Area

    The file areas contained PC, C64, and Amiga software that could be downloaded using a transfer protocol such a Xmodem or Zmodem.futurefrontierbbs3

  • Internet Menu

    At the time this was offered, the Internet was text only. Before Mozilla was the king of graphical browsers, Lynx was the king of text browers.futurefrontierbbs1

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