Geographical Redundancy

Special Imageway Hosting feature

Geographical Redundancy

Today’s hosting providers may eliminate single data center points of failure using techniques such as clustering, but many don’t have an answer for data center or city-level points of failure. Imageway keeps your services on-line by using Geographical Redundancy. Geographic Redundancy is the replication of your data in two geographically separate sites so that if a disaster should happen, your applications can switch from one site to another. You want geographic redundancy to ensure that even when disasters happen critical applications and data remain available.

Geographical fail-over only occurs when a single data center goes down in some dramatic way. In addition to Geographical Redundancy, we provide single data center redundancy in the areas of:

Network Redundancy

This backup is simply for the network Imageway uses to get you on-line. Reliable providers have multiple Internet carriers that their servers use to ensure that your hosting never goes down. Imageway uses the following Internet carriers for network redundancy: Spectrum, Cogent, AT&T, and Zayo.

Hardware Redundancy

This backup is for the physical pieces of the Imageway server hardware. For instance one layer of redundancy is for the hard drives. Here at Imageway, if a hard drive fails in our servers, your site will not go off-line, we have multiple drives setup in a RAID 10 so that it can operate on the secondary drive.

Power Redundancy

These are the backups for the power that keeps Imageway servers and data centers running. All of our servers have redundant power supply units. Each PSU has a feed from a different power source. Each feed is also connected to it’s own UPS (uninterrupted power supply) which hold several hours of battery backup should the data center lose power, which is also connected to diesel generators should a power outage last longer.

The Imageway Geographical Redundancy feature protects against single data center:

  • Power Outages
  • Network Outages
  • Hardware Outages
  • Software Outages
  • Since Imageway can offer this high level of redundancy, we have a minimum 99.99% up-time reliability guarantee for our services in a given month, and in most instances our services achieve a 99.999% up-time reliability. In comparison, Microsoft and Google have 99.9% up-time guarantees, which equates to 43.83 minutes of downtime in a given month.

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