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Imageway has formed a partnership with eM Client to bring this best of class email client to our customers. eM Client is a fully-featured email client for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android with a clean and easy-to-use interface. eM Client offers features for calendars, tasks, contacts, notes, and chat. eM Client has been thoroughly tested with our email hosting service to provide the most reliable email experience possible.

Our new and existing customers are entitled to receive a complimentary 1-year subscription license of eM Client for use with 1-3 devices. eM Client works perfectly with our email (IMAP/SMTP), contact (CardDAV), and calendar (CalDAV) server sync technologies. Imageway will provide direct support to eM Client users to ensure that no issues occur while connecting to our email hosting services.

eM Client explained in under 2 minutes:

Advanced features that eM Client supports that our Webmail doesn’t include:

  • Multiple external email accounts with a unified inbox
  • Set how often a new email is saved to drafts
  • Archive from server to local storage automatically
  • Instant full search including in attachments
  • Email threads and conversations display format
  • Infinite Scrolling on the message display
  • Create rules to automatically label messages
  • Watch for Replies and Delayed Send functionality
  • Notes sync to server
  • All Attachment View and History
  • Online Meetings Support
  • Touch and Gestures support
  • Custom Themes and Visual Theme Editor
  • Full Offline Access
  • Deduplicator tool
  • Local Backup
  • Translation of incoming and outgoing emails
  • Tracking pixel detection
  • Generative AI integration
  • Email classification into Inbox Categories
  • Support for chat collaboration services
  • Quick Actions task automation
  • Folder Colors
  • Preview for PDF attachments
  • EmClient

    To see how eM Client compares to other email clients, click here to see a feature comparison.

    To install eM Client on your Windows or MacOS device, click here to download.

    To see how to use various features of eM Client, click here for tutorials.

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