eM Client for Email

Special Imageway Email Hosting feature

Encrypted Email

Imageway has formed a partnership with eM Client to make available to our customers what we consider is the best Windows and MacOS email desktop client on the market. Our customers are entitled to receive a free 1-year subscription license of eM Client when signing up for any of our email hosting packages. eM Client has been tested with our email hosting service to provide the most reliable email experience possible. eM Client works perfectly with our email (IMAP/SMTP), contact (CardDAV), and calendar (CalDAV) server synchronization technologies.

To see how eM Client compares to other email clients, click here to see a feature comparison.

To install eM Client on your Windows or MacOS desktop, click here to download.

If you are a current customer of ours and would like to utilize your 1-year free subscription then click here contact us.


The Imageway email desktop client feature is special because it provides our customers the best email desktop client for Windows and MacOS. This feature is included with any of our hosting plans. Once you sign-up for one of our email hosting packages, contact us so we can issue you a 1-year subscription license for the software. For general questions please contact us by one of the means available on our contact page, and a Imageway representative will contact you.

Imageway Digital Media is thankful to be given the opportunity to service your business needs, and will provide you with the highest quality service possible.

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