Legacy Device Support

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Legacy Device Support

Imageway hosting supports legacy devices and software, including those that are outdated, obsolete, or no longer in production. Having legacy support ensures that all your past computing devices will work with our services, along with assuring any new computing devices you purchase will have long term support.

Our web hosting software supports HTTP 1.1 to communicate, which dates back to 1997. In addition our web hosting server supports HTTP[s] (where [s] designates the encrypted version of the communication protocol). This means any device in the last 20+ years with a web browser can access our web server. Of course this does not mean the website itself will display correctly if it uses newer HTML standards which a older browser doesn’t support when displaying the website. What is does guarantee is that you can create a website that can be delivered to any device since 1997 that has a web browser if you would like to.

Our email hosting software supports SMTP[s], IMAP[s], and POP3[s]. SMTP dates back to 1982, and is the communication protocol used for sending email. When it comes to checking your email we support POP which dates back to 1984, and IMAP which dates back to 1988. IMAP and was created to replace POP in most instances.

Lastly for contact and calendar sync we support ActiveSync[s], CalDAV[s], CardDAV[s], and SyncML[s]. CardDAV dates back to 2011, and is used for contact sync. CalDAV dates back to 2003 and is used for calendar sync. Both CardDAV and CalDAV are widely used on Apple devices. For supporting a combination of contact, calendar, and task sync on a wide range of older devices we support SyncML. For supporting a combination of email, contact, calendar, and task sync on a wide range of newer devices, we support ActiveSync. ActiveSync dates back to 1996 and is widely used on Microsoft based devices and servers.

By using these legacy open standard protocols at Imageway to communicate with your computing devices we assure our web and email services will work with the largest range of devices (new and old), plus offer you the ability to move to or from our services from other service providers that support these open standards. This provides you the ability to support the widest range of devices to connect to our service, and ensures the devices you purchase today will continue to work until the day you decide to get rid of it. This level of support is unmatched in the hosting industry. If you want to see how far our legacy support goes back in time, check out our about us page to see the BBS we ran which can be accessed using telnet, a communication protocol that dates back to 1969, the beginning days of the Internet.

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