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IMAP Hosting

Internet Message Access Protocol, or IMAP, refers to the way email is handled online. If you have a central mailbox many people need to access, or you need to be free to check email from multiple locations and devices, IMAP is your best choice. IMAP is an open email standard that was created in 1986 to replace POP (which we also offer), so it has been around since the early days of the Internet. Over the years it has been improved to include new features such as IMAP IDLE, which is used for push email.

The Imageway core email server software provides the highest level of IMAP compliance on the market. Having this level of IMAP compliance assures that your IMAP based email client works without any issues. We have tested our IMAP hosting with many leading email clients such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Em Client, and Windows Mail.

In addition to the high level of IMAP compliance, we offer special features integrated into our IMAP service that is not available at most other email hosting services. First, we support SPAM email training by moving emails between the INBOX and SPAM IMAP folders. Second, two factor authentication (2FA) is available with our IMAP service. Third, we protect against accidental email deletion, including hacked account email deletion, by storing copies of deleted emails for 30 days in a read only IMAP folder structure.

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