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Imageway is a privacy focused hosting provider and takes your privacy seriously. Since we own and manage our own hardware computer systems, none of your data is stored on or shared with any 3rd parties. Our hardware systems run in a secured data-center, and not on any of the cloud services such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure. There are no 3rd party advertisements of any sort on our services. We do not obtain or track any data except for what is required to offer our hosting services to you. We will only release data to a 3rd party as is required by law.

Our computer servers are located within the local geographic area, and not spread all across the world in various jurisdictions. In addition, by using advanced security methods, we assure your data is hardened against illegal spying attempts. We offer SSL encryption for all of our service communication protocols to ensure secure transmission from point-to-point. We can provide the ultimate email security by providing end-to-end email encryption without the use of plug-ins (works with all devices, and all email clients).

Lastly, if you register (or transfer) your domain name with us, we include WHOIS domain privacy. Usually when someone does a WHOIS query on your domain they can obtain all the owner information which could be used for malicious activities. When you register your domain with us, all the information returned from a WHOIS query will be shown as redacted. Most other domain registers provide this protection as an additional cost, where here at Imageway we include it by default. So rest assured, by being privacy focused we go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring your privacy in all ways possible.

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