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Large File Attachments

Our unique email system supports outgoing and incoming email message sizes up to 150MB. Since there is some overhead for the encoding of file attachments as part of this total message size, that means you can send a total file attachment size of around 100MB. Since most email systems limit their incoming email sizes to 25MB, our system supports a feature where all your outgoing can be stripped of the file attachments and stored on the mail server when they are over 25MB in size. This feature will allow you to send email message sizes up to 150MB in size from any email client, and not have it rejected by the other email system receiving the email. If you enable this feature for your account, when the attachment size is over 25MB the file is stripped from the email, and a link is automatically added to the email where the file(s) can be retrieved. This detachment feature works for all email regardless of the email client used. Doing this will save 30% of disk space when the attachments are stored in this format, as opposed to the standard way where the attachment is encoded directly inside the email itself. Files that are detached and stored are counted towards your disk quota, and can be removed at anytime in the WebMail interface.

You can enable this attachment detach feature for all email clients by logging into our WebMail and going to “Options->Preferences”, and then press the “Extras” section. Next press the “configure” option next to where it says “Detach attachments”. On that page you will be given the option of enabling for sending and/or incoming messages, and set how long to keep the files stored before they are automatically deleted. Otherwise this feature can be used manually in the WebMail when you go to attach file(s), select “Cloud Attachment” instead of “Email Attachment”. The WebMail method will allow you to send attachments larger then 150mb (up to to 1.5GB in size), since you are not limited limited by the use of the SMTP protocol.

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