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When you have instances where your sending very sensitive material and need an extra level of security, Imageway has you covered. Our unique email encryption system supports end-to-end encrypted emails without the use of any plug-ins, such as PGP. It works with all desktop and mobile email clients, including the WebMail and Mobile Office systems we offer. This feature is perfect when you need another level of protection or have special requirements, such as is required in HIPAA environments. Email Encryption provides the ultimate protection against email snooping, where even we have no access to the encrypted contents of emails using our encrypted email solution.

So how does it work? When sending an email using your email client of choice, just start your email subject with “[Secure]” (without quotes), and send the email as you normally would. Our email system will intercept the email and encrypt it (only if your SMTP connection is using SSL, to ensure complete encryption), and puts it into our Imageway Email Vault for 60 days. The person the email was being sent to will be sent an email from our system with a link to access the Imageway Email Vault using a web browser with an encrypted connection. The first time they visit the Imageway Vault they will have to set a password which can be used for future visits to the vault. They will have the ability to reply to the email in a encrypted manner. All encrypted emails are kept in the vault for 60 days, and then are deleted.

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