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Mobile Office

Our unique Mobile Office feature is a complete business collaboration based web system that is available to our Professional Hosting account customers. It can be used to replace the features and functionality of a Outlook and Exchange environment. The Mobile Office web interface divides the different work flow functions into tabs that can be added and removed from the main display. It supports multiple windows within a window, something people are familiar with when using Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux desktop operating systems. The administrator can restrict permissions to what users have access to in a fine-grained manner so that the user only has access to what the administrator wants to allow.

The primary working tabs that are supported in the Mobile office system include: E-mail, Calendar, Tasks, Address book, Files, Notes, Projects, Tickets, Billing, Bookmarks, and Time tracking. To keep your computers and mobile devices in sync it supports every open standard sync protocol, which includes: Activesync(s), CalDAV(s), CardDAV(s), WebDAV(s), and SyncML(s) [the (s) designates a SSL encrypted connection is available for this protocol]. The only sync protocol we don’t support is MAPI(s), which is a protocol specific to the Microsoft Exchange mail server.

More details are below, click any image to see an enlarged view:

Mobile Office Web GUI: Summary Tab
The Summary Tab is usually the first tab you are exposed to. It provides a workspace where you can add panels. The panels can provide you a quick overall glimpse of information. Information such as upcoming tasks, upcoming appointments, notes, and lastly news which is linked to any Internet RSS feed.

Summary Tab Summary Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: E-mail Tab
The E-mail Tab provides you direct access to your email. From this tab you can read your current email, or compose new e-mail to be sent. It supports creating folders, and dragging e-mail into these folders. The interface was designed to be very clean and easy to use plus extremely quick, even when you have thousands of e-mails.

E-mail Tab E-mail Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Calendar Tab
The Calendar Tab allows you to view and create calendar events. The calendar allows you to set recurring events and reminders for any given event. It is easy to set up multiple calendars and share them between multiple users. You also have the ability to invite participants for an event, and check their availability. The calendar supports import and export of popular calendar formats, and you can even synchronize your calendar to your mobile devices using the SyncML, ActiveSync, or CalDAV synchronization technologies.

Calendar Tab Calendar Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Tasks Tab
The Tasks Tab is where you keep track of all the tasks that need completing, or have been completed. You have the ability to set recurring tasks and reminders for any task. Tasks can be assigned and shared between multiple users. Tasks can be linked to various other objects such as files, contacts, companies, and projects. Tasks can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the ActiveSync, and SyncML synchronization technologies.

Tasks Tab Tasks Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Address Book Tab
The Address Book Tab is where you keep track of all your contacts and companies. You can create multiple address books if you want to separate between work and personal contacts. You can set all different types of information for a contact, and link a contact to various object such as a file. Newsletters can be setup and sent to your selected contacts. An address book can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the SyncML or ActiveSync synchronization technologies.

Address book Tab Address book Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Files Tab
The Files Tab provides a place where you can store files such as a document or spreadsheet. These files can be shared between multiple users within your work group. File can be linked to various objects, such as a task or an appointment. In addition, you have the ability to use your own Office software (we suggest the free LibreOffice) to open and edit a document directly from the files tab, and when you save your file, the updated file is automatically sent to our server. You can access your file store remotely on a desktop or mobile device using the WebDAV communication protocol.

Files Tab Files Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Notes Tab
The notes tab is where you keep a list of various notes. You can create multiple notebooks, which can be shared between multiple users in your work group. Notes can be linked to various object, such as a task or an appointment. A notebook can be synchronized to your mobile devices using the ActiveSync, and SyncML synchronization technologies.

Notes Tab Notes Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Projects Tab
The Projects Tab is where you keep a list of various projects. You can easily manage project information in one place and keep track of worked hours, material usage and travel costs. You can also share projects with customers and co-workers. At the project information panel you can easily access related comments, tasks, appointments, files etc. Projects can be linked to various objects, such files, contacts, and e-mails.

Projects Tab Projects Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Tickets Tab
The Tickets Tab is where you keep a list of support tickets. Tickets can be created for a customer, and a ticket number is automatically e-mail to them for reference. You can keep notes about a ticket, and change the status. Tickets can be linked to various objects such as a contact, file, or company.

Tickets Tab Tickets Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Billing Tab
The Billing Tab is where you keep track of all your billing information. You can create quotes, orders, and invoices, The documents can either be printed or you can send them by e-mail as a PDF attachment. You can also enter your expenses. With the report tool you can easily see your income and expenses. You can create as many books as you want and name them however you want.

Billing Tab Billing Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Bookmarks Tab
The Bookmarks Tab is where you keep track of the commonly visited website you use to function. These bookmarks can open in a new web browser window, or within a new tab.

Bookmarks Tab Bookmarks Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Call Log Tab
The Call Log Tab provides a place to keep track of incoming phone calls. You can a new entry and provide the date, name, company, phone, email, and a description of the call.

Call Log Tab Call Log Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Time Tracking Tab
The Time Tracking Tab allows you to keep track of time for various projects. This information is obtained from the various projects you have setup. You have the ability to close out weeks, and copy a previous week’s hours.

Time Tracking Tab Time Tracking Tab

Mobile Office Web GUI: Approve Time Registration Tab
The Approve Time Registration Tab allows you approve time spent on various projects. It shows you the fee and totals involved for that time.

Approve time registration Tab Approve time registration Tab

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