Disable Sync with Microsoft Cloud feature in Outlook to preserve privacy

Disable Sync with Microsoft Cloud feature in Outlook to preserve privacy

In newer versions of Outlook with the new interface enabled, Microsoft has added a new “Sync with Microsoft Cloud” feature which is enabled by default when adding a new IMAP based account to Outlook. If you enable this feature, then your account login credentials will be stored on a Microsoft Cloud server. Microsoft will then login to your IMAP account on your behalf and download all your email to Microsoft Cloud servers. We recommend you disable this feature when setting up a new IMAP account to preserve your privacy.

If you setup a new IMAP account in Outlook and you see this:
Outlook Cloud Sync Window
Do not click “Continue”, but instead click the “Not IMAP?” to force it to bring up this window:
Outlook Provider Window
Toggle the switch for the “Sync with Microsoft Cloud” option, then select IMAP and continue your email account setup.

If you already setup an IMAP account which has the “Sync with Microsoft Cloud” feature enabled, then the only way to disable this feature is to remove the account, and then add it back again while making sure the “Sync with Microsoft Cloud” option is disabled.

We find the way Microsoft has presented this feature in Outlook to be deceitful, and most users will unknowingly click continue which will cause their account login credentials and all of their email contents to by stored on Microsoft Cloud servers without their direct knowledge. We feel that no service should download your emails unknowingly from your main email provider, since this increases the chances of security and privacy issues. Email communication should only be between your email client and your main email provider.

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