Online File Transfer

Since JAVA applet support has been removed in later versions of JAVA and Web Browsers, we strongly suggest rather then using this online JAVA FTP client, to use a downloadable FTP client for your operating system of choice. Click here to download the FileZilla FTP client.

To run the FTP file transfer program below you must have a JAVA Virtual Machine installed. If you do not have it installed, you will be requested to install it, or you can click the following link to go to the Sun Microsystems web page and install it:

Quick Connection Instructions:
1) Once the program has loaded, click on “Connection” and then “Open..” (or click on green stop light icon).
2) On the connection tab, enter “” as the hostname, and then enter your username and password.
3) Click on the security tab, and check mark (select) the “Data Encryption” to completely encrypt connection.
4) Click on the “Connect” button to connect to the Imageway FTP server.

(If the application does not run, JAVA support have been removed from your web browser, please see above)

No JDK 1.3 support for Applet.

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