Email Quota Warning

Quota Warning:

If you received an email similar to this:

This message is an automatic warning that you need to reduce disk usage
you should read and delete messages from your inbox or other folders.
If your mail client is set to ignore messages over a certain size, or leave messages on the server
then changing that setting might be in order. Or you may just need to empty your ‘trash’ folder 🙂

Then you are either near or have reached your quota limit, the ‘subject’ of the message will make it clear which is the case.

If you are using a ‘WebMail’ interface or IMAP then you probably need to purge the contents of one or more folders, deleting attachments will get you the most space quickest.

Your system administrator may be able to increase your quota depending on their policies. It may of course cost your more to have a larger quota.

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