How to change email quota for accounts on Imageway

How to change email quota for accounts on Imageway

When your quota size limit is reached for your email account, or for your whole domain name, you will receive an email that says “WARNING! Mailbox at or near capacity”. If the quota is reached for an email account, you can adjust the size of the email quota by doing the following:

1) In a web browser goto: https://mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM” (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is the domain you linked the hosting to).

2) Click the “Domain Admin” button, and use “postmaster@YOURDOMAIN.COM” as the username, and put in the password that was sent to you in your welcome email.

3) Once you are logged in move over to the “Domain Admin” heading and click the “User Accounts” option.

4) Click the “Search accounts” button.

5) Click on the account name you want to change the quota for.

6) Where it says “Disk Quota”, use the dropdown to change the size. (example: 500mb).

7) Click the “Save User” button.


The amount of quota space you have available for your whole domain is based on the account level you have purchased.  You put limits on each account so no one person takes up all the space for the domain as a whole. If you are using all the space for your whole domain and need to increase it, please contact support.

If you have any other issues or comments, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

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