How to deal with Junk Email on Imageway

How to deal with Junk Email on Imageway

In the past we have had several customers contacting us regarding not receiving emails or that they were getting too much junk mail (referred to as SPAM).  At first we felt the proper way to handle things was to disable the SPAM filtering and allow the customer to turn it on.  We found out very quickly, that SPAM was flooding customers email accounts.  It is a sad fact that a majority of email being sent around the Internet is in fact SPAM.  With both these pressing issues, we decided to enable the SPAM filtering by default for every email account.

The down side to this decision was that some legitimate email might be considered SPAM.  A good example of this is automated email sent from a web site you signed up for (since it is worded like SPAM), or email coming from Hotmail or Yahoo free email accounts.  The reason for the Hotmail and Yahoo free emails accounts getting blocked recently is because both those companies decided to put SPAM advertising at the bottom of all email going out from their free accounts (another reason not to use hotmail or yahoo as your business email).  What this does is fake the SPAM filtering into thinking the email is SPAM.

At Imageway we are always trying to find a better way to filter SPAM, and always adjusting our SPAM rating system.  Currently the Imageway email server does several checks to determine if the email is SPAM or NOT.  The system will automatically drop all email that contains a file attachment that has a Virus (to protect our customers).

The way the SPAM filtering works is that each bad attribute that is in an email, it will give a score.  At the end it will total this score up, and will decide what to do with your email based on how you have your settings.  We have a default set for all customers, which we consistently change.  If the email is above a certain score, it puts the email in the “SPAM” folder, and sends an email to the sender requesting that they verify themselves as a real person, and not a SPAMMER.  If they verify themselves as a real person, then email will be allowed from them.

So if you are getting emails that are blocked (or missing), then what can you do?  You will want to do the following:

1) Log in to your email account using WEBMAIL or IMAP (using 3rd party client).
2) One logged in click the “SPAM” folder. Check your “SPAM” folder.  You will see this folder both in webmail or if using IMAP via a third party client.  This folder contains mail that is considered SPAM. If you see email in this folder that is not SPAM then complete number 3.
3) Move that email message out of the “SPAM” folder to your INBOX folder. This will automatically add them to your friends list, and train our SPAM system what is not SPAM.

If you get junk mail (SPAM), in your INBOX, you should do the following:

1) Log in to your email account using WEBMAIL or IMAP (using 3rd party client).
2) Once logged in click the “Inbox” folder.
3) Click the email that is junk mail (SPAM).
4) Move this email to the “SPAM” folder.  If your using the webmail, you can also click the “Spam” button.  This will automatically remove them from your friends list if they are on it, and train our SPAM system what is SPAM.

Emails in the “SPAM” folder will be deleted after 14 days automatically by the email system to prevent the SPAM emails from using to much of your email account storage.

Thanks for reading and I hope this makes your email experience better.  If you have questions or comments, please contact us.


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