How to setup email accounts on Imageway

How to setup email accounts on Imageway

Now that your email account is setup with Imageway, you are ready to create email account for your users. To accomplish this you do the following:

1) In a web browser goto: https://mail.YOURDOMAIN.COM” (where YOURDOMAIN.COM is your custom domain name).

2) When the webpage comes up click: “Domain Management” (click okay for any popups the browser gives you)

3) Login using:


4) Once you are logged in move over to the “Domain Admin” heading and click the “User Accounts” option.

5) You can create a new email account by entering a username and password.  All other information is optional. Once you have entered the required  information, click the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

Check to make sure at the top it says “User Saved” or “Added to database” and not some other error. An error you might recieve for example might be about your password not meeting the requirements.

You can follow the same process to create additional emails.  You can create up to the maximum emails allowed for the account you purchased.

Once you are done you can click the “LOGOUT” button to logout.

You are now ready to check and send your email (like you do with hotmail or yahoo).

1) In a web browser goto: “”

2) Click the “WEBMAIL” button. (click okay for any popups the browser might give you)

3) Enter your username (which is your full email address) and password you created in the previous process you completed.

4) Click the “LOGIN” button.

You are now in the web based email program.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the software.

If you have any issues or comments, don’t hesitate to contact customer support.

Imageway Staff
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